With great sorrow

The Artist and Musician, David J. Holt will no longer perform live for this world.

Calgary WAS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!


While your here you can hear something new

Colorful_Abstract_3D_Wallpapers_laba.ws  EvaLusion-FRONT  CodedMessagesFromTheJupiterOutpost-FRONT  BreakingFree-FRONT

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Keeps my Mind Off the Illness -)

Here are some more CD’s for you. Enjoy

OopppsWrongPlanet-FRONT  EverythingIsKu-FRONT  ISeeStarsUnderADeepBlueSky-FRONT  Roadside motel neon sign in Oregon  TheHouseOfPlleasure-FRONT  TheLHCbExperiment-FRONT

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LHCb Experiment – This is a Movie Soundtrack, want to know which movies? Write to me but I can not post here -)

UNLIMITED! It tells everything! ;)

enough said

Weekend and Logos

Hello All,

  Well this was a great and VERY IMPRESSIVE weekend, I was out of Hungary and playing with a “BIG NAME” group, however I am not going to name them here. It was a great travel and had great accomodations, food and pay–))

The lights, lasers, smoke, sound, power, Pyro technics and my new friends -),  WHY DID I EVER QUIT!!!!

I can only say the only bad thing about this past weekend was that I had to fly and I don’t like to fly anymore. To all of you who were there thanks for coming and for those who took care of me, WOW you all really know how to treat people!!!!!

I finally have a new music logo and I hope you like it.


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Happy New Year -))

Dear friends and enemies,

I do wish you all a great 2014 as it is the year of the horse. The year of the horse is to be my BEST year ever, I will solve many problems and get everything RIGHT. I was chosen to be given a NEW AWARD, I was named most Creative and Innovational  guitarist for 2013 and was also named SECOND for Most Creative Studio Production and Post Production for work I did here in Budapest for others from many different places around the world.

Although it is truly a great honor to win these, I am not looking for fame and fortune, only REAL people who want to do REAL music, even if my home is flooded and lose everything for nearly 5 weeks –))

This Christmas I bought my kids Sony mp3 players and when I was to upload music to them for the kids I asked what do you want uploaded, they both said DADDIES MUSIC, This is my greatest HONOR.

Some people asked me to post more photos of me on my site but I do not need to post photos of me showing OH LOOK AT ME I AM A GUITARIST, let the playing say it for you, unless of course you are amatuer, then by all means make photos of you with GUITARIST written on it so others can worship you, but if only your small group of friends listen then maybe…. ahhhh never mind. A great musician does not need to PROVE themselves on Fakebook or any other media, it is in the creativity and the feeling which is the hardest part of being a ExperiMENTAL Guitarist.

I am NOT lucky, I am in HIS glory!!!!!!!!!

Last I would like to let you all know there was a project I was working on before and you LOVED what we did however due to circumstances beyond my control I have ended this project to move onto other more innovative and serious projects, 2014 will be many concerts and look for something REALLY GREAT in August – I give you a small hint, LOTS OF LASERS!!!!!  B.M.T.

Pa Pa

Some more new stuff, HOWEVER……..

Here are some new CDs just out HOWEVER the Yahoo Media Player is no longer and so I added a NEW FLASH  MP3 player.  I hope you like it. Here is the newest. Now to get 100 more done for 2014 -))

TikTik-FRONT   LookingAtThePast-FRONT   SpiritoftheStrings-FRONT   Courageous-FRONT   NastyLittleCritters-FRONT  Inseperable-FRONT  GatesOfDestiny-CD-15-FRONT

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Finally 99 Parts finished – Enjoy

  Schitzo-FRONT  HereComesDaddy-FRONT  DJDeadAndTheDavestep-FRONT

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Dedication CD? Naaaaa just another CD, but maybe yes! Who knows?

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March 2013 – The month when I found out.

  Life and Death – Read the cover from the left and then from the right -)

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David, you know I like your music and I love your guitar shows (:)). You’re doing a great thing, so keep it up and do not cease to amaze us with your talent.


Something for ya !!!  Here is a great Idea, BUY SOME!—)))



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By demand – The BLUES and Sweet Guitar Series and something New

                  Two for the NEW AGE SERIES –     And SOMETHING NEW


By demand – The New Age Series and something New

                   AND SOMETHING NEW

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Last for 2012 and the last in Hungary – ENJOY



Except for the CD called Mr. E, The Space Behind Your Face this is already released music which is a dance and commercial kind of collection. — Mr. E is about a certain person, do you know who it is?  The CD’s Called Sad Eyes and Zebka was written about 20 years ago, I just now got time to finish it – RETRO

Ready to Cut Down the Clown? I am!!!!

It is time to do what we have to do – If your smart you will understand it is time to cut down this clown.


If your interested –))

Six new CD’s, these are previous releases but this is an idea from a very sweet friend of mine, it is called the DARK SERIES. Although DARK it shows what really is the LIGHT.  Enjoy and BUY SOMETHING!!–))


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More Video from someone who has SPIRIT!!!!!!!

Loaded up some new stuff, check out http://www.davidjholt.com/video/julia.html


Hi everyone, I want to thank my friend Terry Anderson for the winning logo for use on my soon to be new website. It is simple yet very very cool. As promised he will get a FREE copy of all my CD’s from #1 all the way to the end of 2012. CONGRATS and thanks to the others that actually took a few minutes to make some ideas for me. Your great friends. Live good and be happy – I AM!!!